1. Sleep with your window uncovered. That way when you wake up your walls will be lit up.

2. When you smell something that reminds you of past events, childhood, summer; take that in. Remember how happy those moments were and remind yourself they will happen again.

3. Cuddle up with your stuffed animals, pets, blankets, even ice cream if that’s what you want to cuddle with. Then watch some happy and funny movies. No sad movies my little doodle bugs, you don’t need to dwell and cry today, be relaxed and happy.

4. If you are having a bad day then turn it around. Smile and kill them with kindness.

5. Remember to breathe. I have days where I cry myself to sleep because I’m sad, I have anxiety attacks and overwhelming amounts of depression. And I can’t sit here and pretend that I know what you are going through but I am telling you to appreciate the little things. DAMMIT IF ALL YOU EVER HAVE ARE THE LITTLE THINGS THEN APPRECIATE THEM WITH ALL YOUR HEART. BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE, YOU ARE LIVING, AND TO LIVE IS ENOUGH. I am so glad you are here and I wish you fucking were too.

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foods you should stop buying NOW

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I just wonder if you ever sit down and listen to music and think of me and actually say “oh god damn i miss her”




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do you?

The Problem with Over-Thinking


1. It increases your anxiety , your worry, and your dread.
2. It makes you feel confused, so that it’s really hard to think.
3. It can blind you to “the obvious”, and what is best for you.
4. It can keep you feeling stuck so that you wait too long to act.
5. It can interfere with hearing what your heart says you should do.
6. Thus, it can limit your success as you’re afraid to take that step!